Victoria Mae is a London based surface designer specialising in printed pattern and illustration. Her designs have made their way onto various surfaces including ceramics, fabrics, cards, wrapping paper and walls!

She’s inspired by life - what she sees and experiences around her...with an adventurous curiosity she loves travelling and being influenced by different cultures and colours she’s exposed to. “I love the diversity I find in new places and am intrigued by the overlaps and similarities between cultures; how they influence and inspire one another.”


Anything from a ride on the bus to an African sunset can spark a design which Victoria then develops using a mixture of photography, drawing, painting, embroidery and printing. “I like to reinterpret a thought, feeling or experience in my own way – how I see seeing the world through Vicky-toria eyes!”

Designs are then developed in CAD programs, which are then easily transformed into anything from a small card design to a large wallpaper design!

A graduate of the University of the Arts London with a BA in Surface Design, Victoria Mae is originally from Durban, South Africa. With textile design experience in both fashion and home furnishing prints, her work has been sold around the world from North and Central America to Europe, South Africa and Australia! Her unique range of mix & match ceramics are now available to buy both in the UK and abroad.